Q. I have updated parking availability, it is still not showing this information on the map.
A. It is possible that the information you have provided has been overwritten by parking information provided by somebody else, or more probably directly from the parking operator itself. Thank you for helping, please continue to do so, this is a rare case.

Q. I forgot to start the meter on time. How can I get the correct charge?
A. No problem just change the meter start time to when you think you parked the car by bringing up the blue panel to change the meter start time (by touching the grey meter start time display in the top left corner of the meter page). Note you cannot change this while the meter is running.

Q. The calculated parking fee is incorrect. What do i do?
A. Sometimes parking operators have different methods of calculation over time limits, for instance if the day fare ends at 20:00 hours and your park your car at 7:50 for 30 mins @ 300 yen per half hour, you can either be charged for 10 minute day charge and 20 minute night charge intervals or 30 minutes day charge. We are yet to collate information on this difference in pricing methodology across all operators. Please pay the operator their charge, we hope to be in sync soon.
If the fare is wildly off, please drop us a mail at yamamoto@smartpark.tech, we would love to know and rectify this.

Q. My app keeps crashing.
A. We are very sorry to hear this, please drop us a mail yamamoto@smartpark.tech, be sure to list your phone type and model. If possible let us know the action you think caused it to crash, the more information you provide, the easier it is for us to pin down the problem.

Q. What are these points?
A. These are points you can earn by sharing the app with your friends. Simply press the share button on the map and send the system generated link to your friend. Once your friend downloads the app and clicks the activation button (visible on the same link you sent) you will be credited with 100 Park Smart points.

Q. What use are these points?
A. Currently you can use them to upgrade your Park Smart app to the premium Ad Free version. 300 points and above and you will be upgraded.

Q. What do I do after 300 points?
A. Please be patient, we plan to introduce parkings which you can pay for through our app, after which you can redeem Park Smart points for parking fees. Meanwhile keep sharing and collecting points.*

Q. I have lost my Park Smart points, how to I recover them?
A. Please note, your Park Smart points are limited to this installation of the app. If you uninstall the app or change your phone points will reset to 0. This is unavoidable due to our privacy policy, we do not collect any information identifying you or your phone and hence are unable to restore your points at this point.
If you purchase the ad free version you will not have to pay for removing Ads again, Apple/Google has access to your payment information and these purchases can be restored based on your AppleStore/PlaySore ID.
If you have any concerns about this please mail yamamoto@smatpark.tech. We take information security very seriously and this policy is in place for your protection.

*Please note Park Smart points are not a currency. It is a virtual reward system, the providers of Park Smart do not assume any liability towards the accrual of these points.

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