About Park Smart

I had this idea that people could anonymously help each other within a city to make their lives easier and better. This app is created with that ideal in mind.

Having young children I found myself needing to drive around Tokyo, and thereby using paid parking a lot. I noticed there is a large variation in price even within parking lots a few meters apart.

Finding the most economical parking while driving around is quite difficult and the GPS doesn’t provide this information. There were some parking apps which rank by cost but they mainly had outdated, incomplete or incorrect data.

This gave me the idea of an app which would depend on users anonymously correcting any incorrect data in the app. This way the parking information is quickly corrected and updated. Most importantly people could share information about the availability of a parking they are using to everybody’s benefit.

A small help by one person can be experienced by all.

Please share the app and join in the spirit of helping others, this helps you get better data and helps others find better parking. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful on a daily basis.

Yumi Yamamoto

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